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Grow bags

Coir peat Grow Bags

Coir peat / Coco Pith Grow Bags are popular Mediums for Green Houses soil less growing system. This is a 100% environmentally friendly product, popularly used in Green houses for Vegetable such as Tomatoes, Cucumber and for Flowers such as Roses and Gerberas and Fruits such as Strawberry. They can be produced in 100% Peat, 100% Hydro (Coco chips) or both Mixed.
They are compressed to Custom Made Sizes. Standard Sizes

we manufacture grow bags and open top bags with uv coating and customized printing. we do also provide drain and plant holes if required. These bags are available in various specifications and are available at industries leading prices throughout India.

Grow Bags

Grow Bags - Rishaba Poly Product- Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India ; is a leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Coir Peat Grow Bags, Coco Peat Grow Bags.

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